Toddler Nap Mat Companion - Portable All-in-One Preschool/Daycare Nap Bundle

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The transition from nap time at home to school can be a big adjustment for both parents and children. Get little ones excited for this change by allowing them to pick their favorite design. Identify individual mats using the sewn-in name tag, promoting confidence and teaching children about taking responsibility for personal belongings. The lightweight travel-friendly design makes it easy for your kiddo to take their toddler nap mat to and from school, teaching responsibility. The standalone naptime solution is a great alternative to bulky blankets and pillows. The rest time companion is the perfect place for children to snuggle up, relax and rest. Sleep plays an important role in childhood brain development, and daily rest-time helps children process new information and restore energy levels. The cozy toddler pillow and sleeping bag is designed for everyday use as a standalone naptime solution or paired with standard size cots and mats including ECR4Kids Stackable Kiddie Cots, Streamline Cots, and Rest Mats; sold separately. The space saving design can roll up after use or fold to fit in toddlers’ cubbies. The Nap Mat companion was created with your little one in mind, the compact design grows with your child for years to come.

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