Cozy Cot Trolley with 6 Stackable Cozy Cots with Storage

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Naptime is a daily ritual in early childhood facilities and the Stackable Cozy Cots and Trolley package makes rest time easy. Regular sleep routines help developing brains work to their full potential and foster a happy learning environment. Cozy cots are constructed with an innovative breathable machine washable mesh that is soft yet strong enough to elevate students comfortably off the floor. The gapless design protects little fingers and toes from pinching. Toddlers and children can store cot sheets, blankets, or pillows, in the pocket of their designated cot easily identifiable by the clip-on plastic name tag. The waterfall design makes it easier for one person to lift cots off the stack, unlike traditional peg and pole-style legs. When naptime is over, feet nest neatly together to save valuable floor space. Safely stack up to 20 high on our Cozy Cot Trolley. Latex-free rubberized boots keep cots in place and reduce scuffing or chattering on floors. Designed for everyday use in preschools, Junior Kindergartens, and home daycares; cots are ready to assemble. Pair with ECR4Kids rest time accessories including sheets, blankets, and nap map companions with pillows; sold separately.

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