ECR4Kids was founded in 2003, with a passion and goal to help childcare providers access the supplies they need for their schools, classrooms, or homes, at an affordable cost. We still operate from that ethos, from our main offices in southern California, and with a team of talented people around the world. We are committed to offering high-quality classroom furniture and equipment that is safe, durable, and developmentally appropriate. We believe you and your kids deserve the absolute best for a brighter way to play, share, learn, and grow.

About ECR4Kids

Fast Shipping
Our warehouses across the country are working hard to ship items to you usually within 1-2 business days from purchase.
Safety Tested
 Our products are constructed from quality materials and tested to ensure we meet or exceed industry safety standards.
Developmental Benefits
Support developmental stages from infancy through young adult with products that support every stage of learning.

Our Mission

To create products that are safe, durable, affordable and accessible; to make every day brighter for educators, parents and above all, children.  

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Playroom Makeover

I absolutely love how safe they are, durable, high-quality, affordable, and made especially for children of all ages. Each of these products has something unique that I love. They really foster and encourage play, learning, exploring, growing, and having fun. She can independently play, learn, and read. I am excited to continue to watch her grow and flourish in this new space.




Beautiful Designs

Our homeschool/playroom was a big focus in designing. I wanted a place where my kids could play freely through hands-on child led activities, jump deeply into imaginative play, be able to activate their gross motor skills and also have a quiet nook to nestle in to read and learn. ECR4kids has allowed this space to come alive with their functional, yet beautiful designs.




Let Them Be Little

I love the modern look of ECR4Kids! The neutral colors and designs are very appealing to me... I would definitely say the motto “Let them be little” fits our home just right. I believe it’s so important to just let kids be kids. With that being said, my role as a mom is to support and encourage creative and imaginative play, especially outdoors. ECR4Kids helps make that easy!