10-Section Hanging Coat Locker with Shelf

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The wall mounted shelf organizer is a flexible storage option for daycares, preschools, or playrooms to help teachers and parents. The versatile organizer can accommodate the belongings of up to 10 children, keeping small pieces contained and rooms clutter free. Neatly store games, craft supplies, shoes, lunch bags, wipes, and more off the floor. When students have a specified locker or storage bin for their belongings, they can move independently and confidently between tasks in the classroom with familiar daily routines that support an organized and focused learning environment. Asking children to clean up after themselves provides them with accountability and embeds good habits in little ones at an early age. The Montessori shelves can be installed at any height so that children of all ages and heights can easily reach their items or classroom supplies. Pair with plastic bins and label them to help identify contents; ELR-0481-XX sold separately. The space saving design is made using natural birch plywood that is extremely durable and will hold up to everyday use. The natural grain complements any space. Easily wipe clean with a mild soap and water solution or with your favorite bleach-free wipe.

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