Junior Crawl Coast n' Up n' Over, Beginner Playset, 5-Piece


Color: Red/Purple/Blue
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Little ones will move and play as they develop gross motor skills on the SoftZone Junior Crawl Coast Up n' Over 5-Piece set. The beginner climber includes two ramps, one tunnel, one bump, and one pedestal with endless opportunities for climbing, crawling, and social interaction. Scaled down in size, this mini playset is great for daycares, apartment homes, and smaller playrooms. This foam set promotes and strengthens early muscle movement, enhances physical coordination, balance, and helps with overall body control. The soft climbing structure keeps curious babies active and engaged while encouraging little hands and feet to crawl up and coast down the gentle foam pieces. Little climbers crawl up the ramp, across the pedestal, and up and over the tunnel and bump. When all pieces are assembled, multiple children can play at once. As toddlers explore and pull themselves up, they gain self-confidence while improving hand-eye coordination, agility, and core strength. Shapes are lightweight and easy to carry letting parents, teachers, and caregivers quickly set up for play, and pieces nest and stack for convenient space-saving storage. Remove shoes to help preserve the longevity of the products. Re-arrange using included hook and loop connectors; adult supervision required.

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